Junior Faculty League

The Junior Faculty League (JFL) is the network of non-tenured Mercer faculty, including lecturers, who seek fellowship while promoting the common good and interests of all junior faculty at Mercer University. 
The JFL aims to establish and to maintain an organized yet casual structure that enables junior faculty to meet socially as well as to gather more formally to discuss, to strategize about, and to act upon academic concerns and issues relevant to the junior faculty. The JFL has no elected officers or official leaders, but rather it solicits participation, counsel, and direction from all Mercer University junior faculty members.
To achieve its academic goals, the JFL aims to marshal the resources available through Mercer University and the talents of the junior faculty to organize and to hold seminars on topics such as tenure and promotion, scholarship of teaching and learning, advising/mentoring students, and workload concerns. The JFL seeks to provide all junior faculty with the encouragement, support, and recognition that they need and deserve as one of Mercer University’s greatest assets.